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What next in Career; is a question that haunts everystudent after Class- XII. Lack of awareness and following the rat race inter alia are few reasons because of which the student ends up in making a wrong choice. While making a choice as to career, consider three factors- Reputation, Remuneration and Satisfaction. Choose a career that best suits your Aptitude. Be an informed student. Let’s explore one more facet -“Career in Law -From School to Law School”.


Law has always been considered a very respected profession in our society and in last 20 years this has undergone a sea of change with law graduates having infiltrated every sector of the economy. Over the past decade, the role of a legal professional has transformed tremendously to serve a wide range of functions in our society and now comes along with prospects even more rewarding than ever before.This change has been possible due to two major reasons; first being the rising need of legal acumen in every aspect of the society and secondly the change in the legal education sector with the establishment of the first National Law School in Bengaluru in 1989. Since then, around 18 other National Law Universities have been established across the country.


The thing that set apart lawyers from other profession is its perennial need in the society. The idea of law is so intricately woven into the fabric of the society that it may not be wrong to say that the idea society itself is borne out of law. From what we could see to what we could eat; every aspect of our life is in one way or other governed by some law. Hence, there always remains a growing need for lawyers in the society.

With the advent of 21st century the law and the lawyers have grown out of court rooms to much swankier and attractive multi-national corporates. While the traditional option of advocacy and judiciary is still there providing big socio-economic opportunities, but with new standards being set in the legal education sector in the country the legal field has opened up with new and more lucrative avenues. Here are some new age careers in law:

  • Criminal Lawyer: Specialises in criminal laws CrPC, IPC, Evidence Act and various other penal laws.
  • Civil Litigation Lawyer: Specializes in civil laws e.g. taxation laws, excise laws.
  • Legal Analyst: Works for corporate firms or law firms and analyses laws pertaining to the sphere of the company and its operation.
  • Document Drafting Lawyer: Specialises in drafting various documents containing agreements, terms and conditions, case material, etc.
  • Legal Journalist: Covers crime beats, legal proceedings in courts, arbitration courts, international courts and arbitration events.
  • Legal Advisor: Offers consultancy to corporate firms regarding their legal obligations, duties, legal relations with other firms.
  • Government Lawyer: Works for the government and in close coordination with the police.
  • Judge: Offers judgment after conducting the court proceedings and hearing al the concerned parties.


Some food for thought-

  •  Lowest salary package of a student from NLSIU (National Law School Institute University) – Bangalore is at least 1 lac INR more than the average package of an IITian.
  •  70% of students who had joined NLSIU in 2014 are from Science stream.
  •  Unique courses providing techno legal expertise (B.Tech- LL.B) are now available to meet the present day industry demands.
  •  C.P.T is comparatively an easy exam to crack but a study reveals that out of 100 students cracking C.P.T exam just 14 becomes C.A. Where are the rest?


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